Thursday, 22 September 2011

New makeup brush roll and makeup brushes...

 So, in my boredom, I went on Amazon a few days ago to look for something interesting to buy. That's when I stumbled upon this makeup brush roll that could hold up to 24 makeup brushes for only a little less than a tenner. Because I am too cheap to invest in a good makeup brush roll, I decided to buy it. It arrived today. For once in weeks, I was excited about something!

** Picture not mine.
I knew the brushes would be cheap and indeed, they were really badly made. The bristles were scratchy and cut unevenly. But I'm sure I can find some use for most of them. When I washed the brushes I intended to use on my face in a near future, I was surprised that didn't bleed... but not so surprised that it shed quite a bit. But because I didn't expect much from the brushes, I just couldn't care less!

Now, on to the brush roll. It has a strange fake leather smell to it, but it'll go. It is quite large so even the brushes I thought were too long fit in it perfectly. It looked solid and... I don't know what else to say really. It's just a black brush roll that will be really useful since I'll be moving quite a lot for the next few months, sharing my time between Canada and England.

So all in all, it was a nice purchase. But don't expect more than what you paid for!


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