Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Jergens Natural Cocoa Butter

I have finished one new product today and it's the Jergens Natural Cocoa Butter body moisturizer. When I was in Canada, Jergens would be the only body moisturizer I would use because it wasn't greasy and absorbed quickly and made my skin feel silky smooth all day. But after moving to England, I couldn't find that product for as cheap and they only have the natural collection. But one day, at Superdrug, it was on sale so I decided to buy two bottles to try that natural collection in the hope that it would be as good as the normal one. I bought the cocoa butter and the jojoba oil. The first one I tried was the cocoa butter.
(Picture not mine)

It smelled divine; I love the smell of cocoa! But I was disappointed at how it worked. It did moisturize my skin all day long, but it took ages to be absorbed into my skin because it is so thick. Also, it made my skin so sticky and left it sticky until hours after its application. I still believe in Jergens and its products... but I might use this one more at night times because during the day, it is way too sticky, especially when I wear tights.

I tried the other one today, the Jojoba oil, and it comes in a pump since I bought the bigger version. That one isn't as sticky and absorb quite quickly. So that other one sounds promising as my replacements for the lotion I usually use.

Overall, I still love Jergens because it's affordable and does wonders to my abnormally dry skin.

What are your thoughts?

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