Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I'm so broke now...

So today, as I was surfing on the internet, I received an e-mail from ASOS announcing their autumn sale. I then decided to look at what they had to offer. And then I found this very cute bikini that was exactly what I was looking for... retro, but yet modern enough to not look like your grandma's bikini and... just enough fabric to actually cover whatever I don't want to show.
(Picture not mine)

I bought a Burberry triangle bikini ages ago, but never wore it until today. The reason is because it is so revealing... well... in my standards anyway... and I don't feel really comfortable to wear something like that around my parents and their friends. But this, I don't think I would mind.

And as I was browsing just for the heck of it, I also stumbled on this nice piece of beach wear to use to cover up my bikini. I thought the style was so different from other ones that I have seen before and it was a real bargain (£5). So since I was getting a bikini anyway, I though... why not!

(Picture not mine)

So here we go... about £30 spent in one day on clothing items that I won't be wearing until next year. Ok, so to fill out that hole in my budget... lets not eat for a week! ;)

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